We long recognized the importance of agronomics and invested in a dedicated resource in Steve Merkel our National Director of Agronomy.  Steve’s common sense approach to evaluating properties, teaching/coaching, chemical application strategies and capital equipment replacement plans make him an invaluable resource to every club we have the pleasure to represent.  Possessing a Master’s Degree in Agronomy, Steve’s common sense approach is not to be confused with his uncommon intellect and understanding of all things turf related.  He is widely respected in the industry, throughout our portfolio of facility superintendents, as well as the construction division of Landscapes.  Steve will interact with your superintendent to provide the best opportunity for success as well as preferred pricing advantages with our national partners such as John Deere, Jacobsen, Club Car, Syngenta and Toro to name a few.

Agronomy is where legends begin and reputations are established. From providing considerable challenges for the seasoned player to providing a one-of-a-kind experience for the casual golfer, Landscapes Unlimited is second-to-none in creating and maintaining pristine golf courses. Most importantly, we excel at the underlying agronomy that ensures the long-term health and sustainability of your course. We also understand the importance of fiscal requirements. So, you’ll find that while Landscapes Golf Services is able to maintain tournament-quality playing conditions, we know how to balance that against the financial resources.

Our Agronomy Management service includes:

• Maintenance Plans
• Manual & Computerized Irrigation Systems
• Water Management
• Disease Prevention & Control
• Bunkers & Sand Trap Maintenance
• Improvement Strategies
• Budget Planning/Allocation
• Safety Programs
• Equipment Repairs, Replacement, & Maintenance
• Equipment Purchasing Power
• Cost Controls
• Education/Training &Coaching
• Staffing & Scheduling