The Golf & Health Project and University of Edinburgh launch a new infographic detailing just some of the many benefits of golf...

Between walking the course, setting the ball on the tee, swinging the club or even putting your things away until the next round, there are many health benefits associated with the game of golf. In fact, after a year-long research project underwritten by the World Golf Foundation, the golfing community will be shocked to see all of the great things playing golf does for your health – both physically and mentally.

Landscapes Unlimited is proud to share a few of these benefits as the game of golf, its viability, and the success of our partners including club and course owners are the things we really take to heart. And speaking of heart, get a quick glimpse of these benefits as documented in the research report:

• Improved cardiovascular and blood-glucose levels as well as increased life expectancy

• Improved self-esteem, confidence and reduced anxiety

• Skill development that includes interpersonal skills, emotional control while providing opportunities to make social connections

The benefits of playing golf are real, and well documented on Golf & Health. Click here to read more. Or, if you would like to see an introductory video that tells the story of this research project, click here.

This is really exciting news for the golf industry. Tune into the Golf Channel on Tuesday, October 11 for a Morning Drive segment devoted to this project, then get back on the course for some golf health!